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Lotus Groove Yoga Presents:
200-Hour Student Immersion + Professional Preparation Course
Where Personal Evolution, In-depth Studies, and Professional Development Converge
“Order and simplification are the first steps toward the mastery of a subject –
the actual enemy is the unknown.” 
(Trail Guide to the Body)

Is it time to take your practice to the next level?
I'm guessing you're already in love with Yoga. Right on! Yoga practice is uniquely addictive, isn't it?! Unlike other forms of movement or fitness, yoga directly addresses the needs of both the mind and the body simultaneously, lending this discipline an integrated appeal that reaches beyond the physical. 

If you have indeed fallen in love with this practice and find yourself in a place of readiness to study more deeply, to develop and progress your practice, to join a conscious community of kindred-spirits, and to prepare yourself for the possibility of entering into the Yoga profession, then the time has come for your yoga education to begin! I've put together a comprehensive introductory course of study in which you'll receive the best possible education in yoga's fundamentals. Over the course of 14 weekends, you'll steep yourself in the hidden topics behind the poses as the breadth of yoga's context is revealed, clarified, experienced, studied, explained and explored in a highly-interactive and supportive setting. 

This course will take place in Newburyport, MA at the gorgeous and fully equipped Repose Yoga Studio.  I will be your primary guide and honored leader for this program.  I have lovingly and meticulously prepared this 200-hour curriculum for sincere yoga students seeking an initial education in all-things-yoga. It is my original creation, born of (literally!) thousands of hours of yoga experience as a classroom teacher, mentor and teacher trainer. This signature program promises to deliver a complete package of "everything-you-always-wanted-to-know-about-yoga-but-didn't-know-to-ask". 

There's a whole vast universe of teachings, practices, wisdom and insights hiding behind the physical (and glorious!) experience we enjoy on the mat. In this course, you'll definitely go deep into what the mat has to offer, but you'll also learn the logic and context behind the physical practice. Your appreciation of yoga will never be the same and you can assuredly expect to emerge after 7 months a more knowledgeable, skillful, and adept student, well-equipped with all the requisite tools to begin a journey towards teaching, should you choose to pursue a yoga career. 

In this one-of-a-kind program you’ll receive an exceptional education in yoga fundamentals.  This comprehensive curriculum is designed to challenge, inspire, educate and develop the committed student.  Students with a serious dedication and sincere hunger to study and learn will most benefit from this immersive experience. 

You can expect a premium quality program on all-levels, including:
  • Top-notch study materials,
  • The compassionate guidance of highly-experienced, passionate and professional trainers,
  • Profound development and progression of your personal practice,
  • Tutelage towards establishing a sustainable home practice,
  • Prodigious and enriching instruction intended to demystify the details of practice,
  • Avid accountability, and
  • Rigorously high standards from day one!

This course has been scrupulously designed for serious students.  The content contains a thorough introduction to the world of yoga, as well as providing the basic tools to get new teachers started on their teaching path.  It is NOT required that you aspire to teach.  

This curriculum will serve sincere students as a comprehensive immersion into the logic, context and background of practice.  Students of every persuasion will benefit from this sort of education.  Again – it is not expected – nor assumed – that you’ll go on to teach yoga.  However, should you choose to pursue yoga as a profession, this course will set you up with everything you need to begin a teaching career.

A training and immersion of this magnitude requires a true commitment.  Your sincerest dedication to the learning process, an eagerness to learn, a passionate curiosity about the content, a willingness to delve into uncharted territory, and an avid devotion to your personal practice are all necessary requirements. In addition, Julia requires:
  • You have at have at least 3 years of previous yoga experience
  • You have a regular practice already in place
  • You are willing to commit to a regular HOME practice for the duration of the program
  • You are able to attend all scheduled training sessions
  • You are capable of completing frequent and rigorous homework assignments
  • You are committed to the overall demands of the curriculum 
  • You are excited to study, learn and practice in the company of kindred spirits!

Upon satisfactory completion of all program requirements, graduates will be eligible to register with the national trade organization, Yoga Alliance, at the 200-hour level.

This course is structured as a local program for working folks.  Sessions are scheduled according to a 15-hour Saturday + Sunday WEEKEND format.  
In total there are 14, 15-hour, weekends. 
Sessions all run: 11:30am - 7:30pm DAILY
A 30-minute break will be provided each day.

October 7th + 8th, 2017
October 21st + 22nd, 2017
November 4th + 5th, 2017
November 18th + 19th, 2017
December 2nd + 3rd, 2017
January 13th + 14th, 2018
January 27th + 28th, 2018
February 10th + 11th, 2018
February 24th + 25th, 2018
March 10th + 11th, 2018
March 24th + 25th, 2018
April 14th + 15th, 2018
April 28th + 29th, 2018
May 5th, 2018 [GRADUATION DAY]

All sessions will be held at Repose Yoga Studio in Newburyport, MA.

Your primary guide for these 7 months will be Julia Tirabassi.  Julia has lovingly and meticulously prepared this signature course for you!  It is her original creation, born of thousands of hours of yoga experience as a classroom teacher, mentor and teacher trainer.  
Longtime Portsmouth, NH resident, Julia has been teaching Yoga professionally for 15 years in the seacoast region of NH, as well as multiple locations in Maine and Massachusetts. As a former personal trainer, it was her passion for movement and an on-going fascination with the body’s unlimited potential that led her to a full-time career as an independent Yoga teacher. She formed her own solo-preneur business, Lotus Groove Yoga, in 2006. In her work as a traveling teacher, Julia has offered classes, workshops, mentorship programs and teacher trainings in NH, ME, and MA. She is best known for her clarity, proficiency, and authenticity.

An avid movement enthusiast, asana addict, alignment geek, and strength fanatic, Julia infuses all of her teaching with an impassioned knowledge of sound bio-mechanics, applied anatomy, functional efficiency, and an overall zest for playful movement adventures. Eternally true to her days as a fitness trainer, Julia’s teaching style continues to include plenty of athleticism, but has evolved into a unique “special blend” of creative physicality, sweaty satisfaction, mindful movement, and keen attention to deep detail. In each and every moment, Julia strives to guide her students in continuously fresh and exuberant ways towards manifesting their personal expression of empowered grace. It is her sincerest pleasure and privilege to service the spread of yoga’s magnificence with ecstatic integrity.

In her role as a teacher trainer, it is her sincerest honor and privilege to gracefully guide aspiring teachers on their path and to serve the global spread of yoga's magnificence with ecstatic integrity.

All applicants must complete a written application. Applications are available via Repose Yoga. Once your application has been approved, and you've been accepted into the training, you'll receive a Commitment Contract. All participants will be required to sign this contract which outlines the program's payment and participation policies.

There is a non-refundable deposit due upon your acceptance into the program. 

Applicants are STRONGLY encouraged to meet Julia - and familiarize themselves with her style and personality - prior to the start of training. If you're not already a student of Julia's, please plan to attend a minimum of 3 classes/workshops/events with her as soon as possible. Meeting and getting to know your trainer is an essential ingredient to making an informed decision regarding your participation in this program. For a listing of workshops, please visit the Upcoming Events page.
The Lotus Groove Yoga 200-Hour Student Immersion + Professional Preparation Course offers two payment options (all inclusive of the required books and the training manual). 

Upon acceptance, applicants will submit a signed commitment contract and $500 non-refundable deposit to secure space in the training. By signing the commitment contract applicants are agreeing to pay the tuition in full. Those on the payment plan will be charged as per the payment schedule.  

  • $3,000 if paid in full 
  • $3,200 with payment plan 
  • $500 non-refundable deposit due with signed contract 
***All payment plan payments must be by credit card. 

Cancellations made prior to September 16th (more than 3 weeks) before the start of the training on October 7, 2017 will receive a tuition refund less the $500 deposit. There are no tuition refunds less than 3 weeks before the start or during the training, but a credit towards a future Teacher Training may be available. If you do not complete the training we do not offer refunds. 

PLEASE NOTE: Graduation from this program is not guaranteed. Your commitment, attendance, and participation are required. In order to be granted your certificate of completion, you must invest yourself earnestly and complete at least 90% of the training hours, pass your final exam, complete your final project, and fulfill all other training requirements. Should you miss more than 10% of the contact hours, you forfeit your eligibility to graduate. 

This program promises to deepen your personal practice, connect you to your yoga community, and boost your knowledge in ways that are hugely effective and utterly original. Don't miss this unique opportunity to take your yoga to a whole new level of AWESOMENESS!

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