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Yoga Teacher TUNE-UP Clinics!
Newburyport, MA
12:00-4:00 PM
Saturday, April 29th
Saturday, May 13th

For all you devoted yoga professionals out there - these clinics are for you! Once per month, Julia will be offering a 4-hour Tune-Up clinic just for yoga teachers. These sessions will offer practical refresher courses for both new and seasoned professionals alike. Could your yoga brain use a reboot?? If so, be sure n' join in each month for 4 hours of collegial interaction, theoretical framework, and tons of practical technique.  Specific topics are as follows:

4/29/17 *Body Reading Practicum:
This 4-hour Tune-Up Clinic will offer yoga professionals a practical refresher course on the topic of Body Reading. This session will give your yoga brain a reboot via lecture, discussion, collegial interaction, theoretical framework, and tons of consideration of practical technique.  We'll devote our afternoon to honing one of our most valuable classroom skills - the ability to see and assess various bodies in action. We'll begin by reviewing the essentials of "perch positioning" in the classroom, consider what we're looking for when we observe, and outline a suggested method for reading our students with exquisite clarity. Then, we'll put our attuned eyes to the test as we read one another's poses in a highly collaborative, friendly, and supportive setting.

5/13/17 *Anatomy + Kinesiology of the SPINE and CORE: 
This 4-hour Tune-Up Clinic will offer yoga professionals a practical refresher course on the topic of Spinal ANATOMY and KINESIOLOGY. This session will give your yoga brain a reboot via lecture, discussion, collegial interaction, theoretical framework, and tons of consideration of practical technique. You can expect a brief, yet educationally-infused practice session, a lively review of basic anatomy of the SPINE, TRUNK and CORE and a primer of essential strategies for stabilizing the core within asana. Come to replenish your brain bank, bask in the friendly fellowship of an inclusive yoga nerd herd, and indulge yourself in a solid nugget of springtime yoga ed.!

Evolve Your Asana
Haverhill, MA
Sunday, April 9th

These strategically-crafted, monthly, classes will detail a DIFFERENT pose each month, advancing your yoga practice to a new level. 

Step-by-step progressions will:
(1) Intelligently demystify advanced poses; 
(2) Guide you towards a deeper understanding of accurate alignment; and 
(3) Give you optimal access to the complexity of often-elusive poses. 

Classes will be both educational and highly experiential. Advanced asanas require much more than physical aptitude alone. In addition to exploring poses that require cultivated flexibility, substantial strength, steady balance, and sincere stamina, you’ll also be encouraged to explore the mental attributes of deep internal awareness, structural precision, and the potency of patience.

Classes will cover a wide range of asanas, including: standing poses, balances, inversions, arm balances, and backbends. Intended for established, uninjured yogis with a sense of adventure and an eagerness to learn!

A Chair Love Affair
Haverhill, MA
Saturday, June 17th
Yoga props offer us countless ways to deepen and enhance our yoga practice. Most of us are already well accustomed to using blocks, straps, blankets and bolsters in our practice, and we've developed a sincere appreciation for the benefits of these practice tools. In this 2.5 hour class, you'll enjoy a friendly introduction to a prop that's a bit less familiar, somewhat mysterious, and oh so versatile. If you've only ever used chairs for sitting down, get ready to have your mind blown! Once you discover the palette of practice options that come from working with the chair, you'll soon be smitten and fall blissfully in love with the yoga chair.

It's a bit surprising that a simple piece of household furniture could give rise to such an abundance of inventive approaches to practice. Useful as an aid in sun salutations, hip-openers, standing poses, balance poses, twists and backbends, the chair is highly effective at enhancing your yoga experience in numerous ways, including:
  • -heightened alignment awareness
  • -improved stamina to sustain poses for longer durations
  • -increased stability
  • -extra structural accountability, and
  • -greater precision in your anatomical architecture

In this class, we'll demystify the use of the chair and weave our entire practice around poses that maximize the participation of the chair. You'll enjoy a full practice - from our opening centering all the way to savasana - augmented with the aid of your new best buddy. This class is open to yogis of all levels, but it's recommended that you have at least 6 months of regular yoga experience under your belt. However, no prior experience with the chair is necessary, nor expected! This class has been designed to introduce yogis to the chair, so we'll be taking a simple, gradual approach that's highly accessible for anyone brand new to the chair.

Come discover for yourself the infinite variety of experiences that are available from the innovative re-purposing of this simple piece of equipment. I hope you're ready to fall in love with the yoga chair!

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